To Yu-gi-oh! fans traveling in Tokyo until 13th Oct.

If you are a Yugioh enthusiast and you will stay at Tokyo until 13th Oct., I strongly recommend you to see "Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions Film" in 4DX !

Although at first it will be ended to screen at 7th Oct.(started from 24th Sep.), it will be extended to 13th Oct. because young people not only fans but also other people had enjoyed this 4D movie with enthusiasm! (I already saw this 5 times!)

You can also enjoy incredible 4D duels now! 

I knew that this film is screened in MX4D too and there are fans to prefer MX4D to 4DX, but I believe most people prefer to see this film in 4DX to in MX4D.

I know about only theaters at Tokyo, but below page shows all theaters in Japan will also screen it until 13th Oct..


My most recommended 4D theater in Tokyo is "United cinema Toyosu(ユナイテッド・シネマ豊洲)" at Toyosu, a part of "LaLaport TOYOSU"(a big shopping site next to Tokyo bay).

You can easily access here from Ginza by subway.



You can buy a ticket with vending machines in the theater for 2,800 JPY (4D charge included) with cash and credit cards.

If you are a woman, you can see it for 2,100 JPY at Wednesday because of "Ladies day".


You can also buy a ticket from below page if you understand Japanese.




***** Blue eyes alternative white dragon's card *****

In the beginning to screen this 4D movie, each audience could get one card of "Blue eyes alternative white dragon" as a special gift limited in quantity of 50,000.

These cards went out for about one week.

For couple days after beginning this movie, some card shops addressed to buy this cards for high price of ex. 5,000 JPY or 6,000 JPY.

Futhermore some audiences sold this cards to card shops with high prices.

If you sold this card in that moment, you could see this movie for free!

No, you could see this movie to be paid!

After card shops had kept these cards with required quantities, prices of this cards declined sharply.

Now, you can find this cards to be sold for about 3,000 JPY at card shops.

Me? I have still kept three dragons in my deck!